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Unrealizing the Potential of 3D Business Metaverses with Unreal Engine

Imagine a world where businesses harness the power of 3D technology for marketing and training. This is not science fiction; it's the emerging reality. One exciting avenue of exploration is the creation of 3D metaverses using the cutting-edge Unreal Engine from Epic Games.

In the spirit of Morpheus from "The Matrix," picture this: Morpheus extends his hand, revealing two pills - one blue and one red.

“Choose the blue one,” says Morpheus, “and the story ends right here.” You'll wake up and believe what you want to believe. Opt for the red pill, and you'll journey deep down the rabbit hole to Fairyland.

“But what's the use of pills," Agent Smith leans in, "if you don't have a mouth to eat them?"

Mark Zuckerberg's Vision of Meta-Universes

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg made waves with his vision of meta-universes. For over a decade, humanity has dreamed of virtual reality, and it's not in vain.

The Promise of 3D Technology

Traditional content formats no longer suffice for our evolving needs. The promise of 3D technology lies in its ability to blur the line between reality and imagination.


In conclusion, we stand on the brink of a transformative era where 3D streaming will reshape our world. It bridges the gap between the flat web and the immersive world of virtual reality. The possibilities are boundless.

Today, we can already foresee areas where 3D streaming will revolutionize industries:

  • Online gaming and NFT projects
  • Healthcare and medical applications
  • Industrial sectors like agriculture, shipbuilding, and aerospace
  • Efficient transport logistics
  • Engaging exhibitions and conferences
  • Architectural marvels and innovative designs
  • Immersive online cinema experiences
  • Revolutionary interactive learning environments

Industries for the Metaverses


The best user experiences for interacting in the Metaverse through the browser of any device — in a few clicks!


Powerful tools for collaborative distance learning in 3D. Training classes, passing exams, communication.

Real Estate

Demonstration of investment property with the possibility of viewing apartments and choosing interiors.

Automotive & Manufacturing

Solutions for car manufacturers. Interior and exterior customization, wheels selection. You can even ride the race track.

Play2Earn games

Solutions for the NFT market. High-quality graphics for NFT games — right in the user's browser.


Interactive 3D product display for retailers and showrooms. Highly realistic graphics pave the way for well-known brands.

NFT Marketplaces

High-quality presentation of NFT products in 3D format, with MetaMask integration for instant payments.