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3D interactive learning format for educational institutions.

The University Becomes the Metaversity!

Exploring 3D Streaming in Education: Unlocking the Benefits of Unreal Engine

Integrating 3D streaming into the learning process can be a powerful tool for students and educators alike. 3D streaming technology, such as Unreal Engine, provides an immersive experience that allows users to visualize complex concepts in real-time. With 3D streaming, students can explore 3D models in a virtual environment, which can be used to supplement traditional learning methods.

What Is a Metaverse?

A metaverse, short for “meta-universe,” is a 3D virtual world that can be accessed and interacted with through a browser. It is typically composed of multiple universes or virtual environments connected together in some way, allowing users to explore different worlds, interact with one another, and even create their own content. In essence, it is like an online gaming platform but on a much larger scale.

The Rise of the Metaverse in Education

The idea of the metaverse has become increasingly popular in recent years due to advances in tech such as Unreal Engine, which allows developers to easily design complex 3D environments and simulate realistic physics. This has enabled universities to create immersive learning experiences for students by providing them access to a variety of educational materials.

About UnrealOS

Unrealos is an official partner of Epic Games. We developed our own solution MetaEditor for demonstrating immersive 3D graphics in a browser (the technology will be ported to VR devices in the near future).

  • We develop business metaverses accessible in the browser of any device.
  • We are bringing 3D game mechanics to the cloud and developing metaverses for business.
  • We have extensive experience in developing interactive 3D metaverses. For example, we designed a 3D copy of the city of Toronto where real estate buyers can walk through their apartments, change the interior and explore the neighborhood.

Unrealos's proprietary platform helps users interact with 3D space through a browser. The Metaverse works in the browser of any modern device and is ready to go in a couple of seconds. We offer the highest quality graphics powered by the Unreal Engine.

The Unrealos platform performs calculations in the cloud, in real time, the client's device only receives an interactive video stream of high quality. Unreal OS clients have flexible scaling of server power for graphics processing.

Industries List

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Enhancing Education with the Metaverse

  • Improving the quality of distance education through an interactive learning process in 3D space. The student interacts with space through GPT-3 technology (conducts experiments, does homework, passes tests and exams)
  • An internship while studying in 3D space is an opportunity to gain up-to-date knowledge for subsequent work in the largest companies in the world, such as Alphabet, Tesla, Microsoft, etc. So, for example, a future employer can teach students the intricacies of maintaining their own production lines, modifying and supplementing the training program at any time.

Education in the Metaverse

Metaverse for business education and inter-disciplinary collaboration. According to business school deans, from the technologies that make up the Metaverse, Virtual Reality is the technology that is most promising to be integrated in graduate management education.

A shift in education brings a greater emphasis on inter-disciplinarity. The insights of fields such as the humanities, the natural sciences, engineering, design, and political science among others may find in the Metaverse an easy playground where students can immerse themselves and interact in different fields.

There is also an opportunity to redefine internationalization. Virtual worlds have no geographical boundaries. The Metaverse opens new possibilities for the future of colleges and universities, including collaborative work not only for students and academics from different universities but also from different countries. International guest speakers can easily join a virtual multi-location program in the Metaversity, delivering conference talks and lectures as a virtual avatar or a digital twin. This can also reduce the carbon footprint of institutions and engage in a form of training that may be supported by today’s students, the next generation of sustainable leaders.

Technology Stack

  • Unreal Engine 5 is the #1 game engine in the world for developing hyper-realistic 3D worlds.
  • Own cloud 3D streaming in partnership with Amazon - the ability to remotely process graphics on powerful servers. To get real-time 3D graphics, customers only need a regular device with Internet access.
  • MetaEditor is a proprietary solution for displaying 3D graphics in the browser.

Industries for the Metaverses


The best user experiences for interacting in the Metaverse through the browser of any device — in a few clicks!


Powerful tools for collaborative distance learning in 3D. Training classes, passing exams, communication.

Real Estate

Demonstration of investment property with the possibility of viewing apartments and choosing interiors.

Automotive & Manufacturing

Solutions for car manufacturers. Interior and exterior customization, wheels selection. You can even ride the race track.

Play2Earn games

Solutions for the NFT market. High-quality graphics for NFT games — right in the user's browser.


Interactive 3D product display for retailers and showrooms. Highly realistic graphics pave the way for well-known brands.

NFT Marketplaces

High-quality presentation of NFT products in 3D format, with MetaMask integration for instant payments.