• Web3D for Real Estate

      Unlock 3D Real Estate Streaming with Unreal Engine

      Explore real estate like never before with 3D streaming using Unreal Engine. Take a full 3D tour of properties and explore every room, hallway, and outdoor space in detail. With 3D streaming on Unreal Engine, you can walk through any home or commercial building as if you're there in real life.

      Cloud gaming for 3D real estate presentations

      Your customers will be able to fly around the building, enter the apartment, choose the interior and make purchasing decisions on your website!

      Who is it for?

      The Unrealos Platform allows you to run interactive 3D demonstrations of residential buildings, cottage settlements, commercial facilities (office buildings, warehouses, factories), etc.
    • Do you want to get a free consultation?

      We make a real-time 3D demonstration of properties on your website.

    • What is 3D streaming?

      We give you the opportunity to view real estate in a game format on any device, even a weak phone or a 10-year-old Macbook. The 3D game is launched on our servers with powerful video cards and broadcasted to the screen of your clients.

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    • Interior customization

      Your customers will be able to change and customize the interiors with one touch, while viewing apartments or offices.
    • Video chat with a manager during 3D streaming

      Managers will help the client with navigation through your real estate objects in 3D space, as well as answer all questions in an anonymous video chat.
    • Group 3D presentations

      Clients from different parts of the world can view real estate in 3D together.
      For example, it is convenient if your client needs to consult with his relatives in order to decide on the purchase of real estate.
    • Control Panel

      Manage prices, offer availability, process purchase orders from your customers.
      Our control panel gives you the flexibility to customize your 3D scenes, such as lighting or weather.


    • With a virtual real estate view, you can find clients from all over the world
    • We deliver the highest quality realistic game graphics available today.
    • Your clients will be delighted with the opportunity to showcase your property in 3D
    • You will experience a significant increase in ad conversion rates as customers are more likely to submit bids on your site.
    • Thanks to realistic graphics and game mechanics, your customers will make their purchase decisions faster.
    • If necessary, we can start 3D streaming in VR glasses.
    • Your clients can customize the lighting, for example, day or night.
    • We collect and analyze customer behavior while moving in 3D space.
    • We provide 3D streaming not only for your website, but we can also create a mobile application with your real estate objects in 3D.

    Development stages

    • You send us a 3D model of the building in any format
    • We adapt your model to the Unreal OS platform
    • We connect the web interface and select the video server
    • Installing a 3D streaming widget on your website

    Industries for the Metaverses

    • Powerful tools for collaborative distance learning in 3D. Training classes, passing exams, communication.
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    • The best user experiences for interacting in the Metaverse through the browser of any device — in a few clicks!
    • Demonstration of investment property with the possibility of viewing apartments and choosing interiors.
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    • Solutions for the NFT market. High-quality graphics for NFT games — right in the user's browser.
    • Interactive 3D product display for retailers and showrooms. Highly realistic graphics pave the way for well-known brands.
    • High-quality presentation of NFT products in 3D format, with MetaMask integration for instant payments.